Late Tuesday: 'Outrage and Beauty' – The Battle to Save Britain's Heritage

Late night programme of talks, film, events and more exploring the battles for Britain's historic architecture.

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Participants in a RIBA workshop for 11-15 year olds

Design Day: What's so great about British architecture?

Explore what architecture tells us about being British. Then work in teams to discuss, design and build for the future.

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Ordinary Beauty: The Photography of Edwin Smith

New exhibition and retrospective of Edwin Smith - one of Britain's foremost 20th century photographers. Accompanied by a season of talks, events & workshops inspired by his unique images.

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Participants in a RIBA workshop for 15-18 year olds

Skill Up: Ghost-hunting - find out how buildings hold clues to the past

Experiment with sketching and drawing techniques to capture evidence of the past within the RIBA's iconic and historic HQ.

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October 2014

01 - 01

Liverpool City Tours

, Liverpool
Photo of Liverpool City Tours

“Discover the architecture and history of one of this great city with one of our ...”

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