CBDG Conference 2013


June 27 2013 • 9.00am
to 4.30pm
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The design and construction of infrastructure has a significant influence on people’s lives and, with the life of our infrastructure extending for many decades and weaving its way through, under and over our cities and landscape, the need for excellent design that is sensitive to people and to the environment is hugely important – arguably much more so for transportation structures than for other buildings.

There is an ever increasing need to recognize creativity in the structural, aesthetic and economic design of concrete bridges. There is also an increasing focus on sustainability through responsible decision-making and innovation that minimizes negative impact and maintains balance between social, environmental, and economic growth.

With a specific emphasis on the use of concrete, this conference has been developed to cover improvements and developments in structural analysis, bridge aesthetics, updated technical information, case studies of bridge superstructure and developments in construction, assessment and protection.



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