Dream Builders: Daniel Libeskind


March 12 2013 • 7.00pm
to 8.30pm
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The world's greatest architects talk to Razia Iqbal at the RIBA.

Daniel Libeskind is an architect with a global reputation for taking architecture to ‘places we have never been’. His acclaimed Jewish Museum, Berlin (1999) and the Imperial War Museum, Manchester (2001) are two such examples of a ‘radical’ architecture which is crafted with what he refers to as ‘perceptible human energy’.

His diverse projects around the world - including the masterplan for Grand Zero, the Denver Art Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Military History Museum in Dresden - have frequently courted controversy in their risk taking, but also high praise.

In 2001, Libeskind became the first architect to win the Hiroshima Art Prize, awarded for work promoting international understanding and peace and in 2004 he was appointed as the first Cultural Ambassador for Architecture by the U.S. Department of State.

In partnership with the BBC, the RIBA brings you an opportunity to direct questions to Daniel Libeskind as he is interviewed by Razia Iqbal about his unique philosophy of taking architecture ‘to places we have never been’, the projects that have made him and the adventures he has had along the way.

A recording of the event will be broadcast by the BBC World Service in 2013.


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Daniel Libeskind.
Image©Michael Kinkhamer

In partnership with

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