From La Ville Radieuse to London Wall: Visions of Cities in the Sky


March 26 2013 • 6.30pm
to 7.45pm
Talk at 6.30 and 7.15pm (30 mins each)

Le Corbusier's la Ville Radieuse was a grandiose plan for the future city. Created in 1924, it brought high-rise buildings, open spaces and motorways into one harmonious, traffic-jam free blueprint for idealised living and automotive efficiency.

His plan was never realised, but left an architectural legacy in cities all over the world - from housing blocks in Marseille, to the grand plan of Brasilia and even postwar London. Find out how its principles travelled to the UK and came to life in the twisted streets of the capital.

Part of 'Visionaries and Dreamers' Spring Last Tuesday - a whole night of talks, tours, film, events and live music inspired by the Spring Season: Ideas to Change British Architecture.


Free and drop in. No booking required.


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London Wall and highwalk pictured in 2004 © Mike Althorpe