Who Rocked Your World?


March 26 2013 • 12.00am
to 12.00am
From 6pm

British Architecture has always been subject to a global flow of ideas. Be it churches in the Greek Revival style, Italian Rennaissance banks or German Modernist housing, it has always borrowed from abroad, but where rocks your architectural world?

Get creative with the RIBA's collections – draw, write and collage representations of your architectural inspirations to add to our world map, and help us to connect and locate influences of iconic buildings around the world using drawings and photographs from the RIBA's incredible collections.

Part of 'Visionaries and Dreamers' Spring Last Tuesday - a whole night of talks, tours, film, events and live music inspired by the Spring Season: Ideas to Change British Architecture.  


Free and drop in. No booking required.



Ros Croker, Education Curator
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Email library.education@riba.org




Design for the British Pavilion, Expo '67, Montreal



Design for the British Pavilion, Expo '67, Montreal

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