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The Avenue





The Avenue  Simon Harvey 1

ARCHITECT: pollard thomas edwards

CLIENT: hill


riba EAST award 2016

The Avenue represents the best of new housing developments: a committed client, a skilled architect, and a site with a fabulous mature landscape. This would appear to be an open goal to be scored, but it is one thing having elements in your favour and quite another to go ahead and exploit all the positives with the creation of a development of quality and skill.

Designed for the developers Hill, Pollard Thomas Edwards have managed to extract the maximum from the location and everyone benefits as a result; residents, visitors and the countless architects who will visit the site.

The Quaker Friends’ School was established on the site in 1879 and the trees and landscape that were planted at the time have subsequently matured in to a fabulous landscape setting. The team set out to retain as many of the trees as possible and in doing so they have created a striking avenue of lime trees, which sit in the heart of the scheme and form a now well-used public route through the development.

The lack of a pattern book of designs meant that the architect was able to develop their own kit of parts for the development, with no impact on individuality or variety across the scheme. The palate of materials is traditional but the detailing is modern and crisp.

The housing off the main avenue forms a series of courtyards that strike a clever mix of coherence and community for the owners. This is a great lesson in defensible space without the requirement for any signage; simple and successful urban design in action.

The jury were extremely impressed with the whole development. Although attention is drawn naturally to the magnificence of the existing landscape it would be a great disservice to the architects to pin the success of the scheme on this; the jury felt that The Avenue would still be a fantastic place to live even if the lime trees still had another fifty years to mature.



environmental: bailey garner

mechanical engineers: m rogerson

electrical engineers: laser electrical services

quantity surveyor / cost consultant: hill
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS: elwood landscape design

COST: £14m

PHOTOGRAPHER/S: tim crocker, simon harvey, alex orrow

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