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Sky Terrace





SkyTerrace Aaron Pocock 1 

ARCHITECT: SCDA Architects Pte

CLIENT: Housing & Development Board (HDB) 

AWARDS WON: RIBA Award for International Excellence 

Sky Terrace is an ambitious new exploration of social housing in Singapore which include goals of 50% cheaper construction than typical private developments, natural ventilation and the creation of units where three generations of the same family can live together. 

This new social housing typology has the feeling of a private development with generous landscape and a porosity for movement and air right up through the tall towers. Lush vegetated walkways weave up and through the edge of the car park structures creating shared spaces and gardens for the residents. The development has turned its back on the usual gated community arrangement and allowed the garden to remain open to all. 


The three generation idea allows the grandparents to live in a unit above or below the main family with a connecting door but separate main doors. The units are small but the double height space gives a real sense of luxury and is a new spatial experience not in other existing public housing units. The 'granny unit' makes it possible for extended family to live together and will enable the return of the responsibility for the care of parents and grand parents to the family and help reverse the trend away from costly elderly care homes. Little ideas such as hanging rails for drying clothes on the terraces and the double layered door to the stairwell allowing ventilation and security work well. 

The integrated multi storey carpark provides direct access to the lobbies of the housing units and is an improvement over the stand alone multi level car parks in standard HDB estates. Community spaces for weddings, parties or funerals have also been retained and greatly improved. 


This project has broken new ground for public housing in Singapore and includes features which when incorporated in future public housing will improve the living environment of the vast majority of Singaporeans. 


Contractor: Sunhuan Construction Pte. Ltd. 
Structural Engineers: Ronnie & Koh Consultants 
M&E Engineers: Bescon Consulting Engineers Pte
Cost Consultant: WT Partnership 

COST: confidential

Date Of Occupation: 07/2015 


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