Heinz Wirz

Heinz Wirz, publisher
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Heinz Wirz founded Quart Verlag in 1999.From the earliest publications the vision and intent has been clear and unwavering. Heinz Wirz and his team have documented a broad view of contemporary architectural practice through a series of thematic publications from individual Swiss architects, both established and young, through to books on theory, writing, international architects, landscape, art and photography.


Heinz Wirz
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It is hard to think of another publisher in the world who has documented and celebrated the discipline of architecture with such professionalism and care. The design and production of each book is exemplary, beautifully considered and consistent. They are a joy to own.

Heinz Wirz and Quart Verlag are to be congratulated for celebrating and exploring in great depth the Swiss architectural scene. They have given many practices a platform from which they can move forward. While the initial output was centred purely on the Swiss architects, it has begun to extend into international architecture. As with their Swiss subjects, the focus has been largely on architects who are generally on the margins of greatness, leaving to other publishers the easier and more profitable task of concentrating on architects who have already seen considerable success and who therefore are a more commercial draw.

In the publication on Tony Fretton, Tony talks of how a retrospective exhibition for an artist is an opportunity to reflect on their work; a monograph, he points out, fulfils the same function for the architect. Heinz Wirz has afforded this opportunity to many young architects. And the publicity has undoubtedly helped their practices to develop. In this, Heinz is a vital cog in the architectural machine.