Tyne Bridge

Tyne Bridge seen from Quayside

Newcastle is justly famous for its bridges, among them this road bridge linking the city to Gateshead. The need to maintain full navigational clearance during the bridge’s construction dictated a single span bridge with a level deck. The plans prepared by the engineers Mott Hay & Anderson were a reduced version of those they had already drawn up for Sydney Harbour Bridge. Robert Burns Dick, a local architect, was responsible for the detailing of the massive Cornish granite twin pylons at either end of the bridge. Their structural role was minimal but they contributed to an ensemble that has fired the popular imagination and created an enduring image of the city.

Article by Robert Elwall,  British Architectural Library , RIBA 

Image : Tyne Bridge seen from Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1928  
© RIBA Library Photographs Collection