The Brits Who Built The Modern World

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The Brits Who Built The Modern World - Top Four Results

Building Reichstag


Foster + Partners was invited in 1992 to take part in the competition to redesign the Reichstag building as the new home of the government of Germany, a country reunited only two years previously.

Architect Nicholas Grimshaw

Nicholas Grimshaw

Grimshaw is best known for buildings such as the Eden Project, and likes to design buildings that express the design and technology of their day.

Architectural style Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles

Across history, buildings have been pushed, pulled, poured and stretched into all sorts of shapes and styles

Architect Michael and Patricia Hopkins

Michael and Patricia Hopkins

The Hopkins' are two famous architects to have made a significant impact on architecture in the 1970's. they are described as being the most British of the architects on the international scene.

Building Embankment Place

Embankment Place

With its prominent arch-shaped roof rising above the platforms of Charing Cross station, the Terry Farrell-designed Embankment Place is a Postmodern landmark on the bank of the Thames and a gateway for trains arriving to the West End.

Building Peak Tower

Peak Tower

The Peak Tower is a leisure and shopping complex located at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Designed by Terry Farrell & Partners in 1997.

Architect Norman Foster

Norman Foster

Norman Foster has been described as one of the truly influential figures of his generation. His most famous buildings include the Reichstag, Berlin and the Hearst Tower, New York.

Building Lloyd's Building

Lloyd's Building

Richard Rogers' distinctive building for Lloyd's places all the services on the outside to leave clear and flexible footplates. It gave the world's oldest insurance market a new modern look

Architect Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell, a great British architect who has made a significant impact on architecture in Britain and abroad, designed High Tech buildings in London and Hong Kong.

Building Skylon


Bold, futuristic and appearing to defy gravity, this vanished London landmark designed by Powell and Moya is remembered as a symbol of optimism in a period of post-war austerity. Though short-lived, the Skylon has never been forgotten.

Building Sainsbury Centre for the Arts

Sainsbury Centre for the Arts

A museum like no other, Norman Foster's centre is one continuous space uninterrupted by columns or walls. It displays all the characteristics of High Tech: flexibility, assembly from factory-made parts and the option for future expansion.

Building Eden Project

Eden Project

Inspired in part by the geodesic structures of Buckminster Fuller, Nicholas Grimshaw's series of interlinked light-weight domes transformed a former quarry in Cornwall into a habitat for growing rainforest and Mediterranean plants.

Building University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan

Modernist architects Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew, with their knowledge of designing buildings for tropical climates, transformed an undeveloped site of forest and farmland into the campus of Nigeria's first university.

Building Hopkins House

Hopkins House

The Hopkins' pioneering high-tech home is made from factory components.