Workshops 2016

Our learning events are inspired by our 'Creation from Catastrophe' exhibition and are led by professional educators. Materials included unless otherwise indicated. We have workshops for everybody:




Workshops for adults, MArch to april 2016

Group Drawing
RIBA workshop

Tickets £35 (£20 students), online booking essential.

Architectural Fictions
Saturday 5 March
Follow in the footsteps of countless famous authors, poets and playwrights, use the themes of catastrophe, master planning and reinvention as a basis for your own creative writing.  

Disaster Day 
Saturday 12 March
Design and plan a city post-fictional disaster, by looking at the history of master-planning, futuristic planning concepts and architectural fictions and films.

Explore & Draw: A work in progress 
Saturday 9 April
Develop your architectural drawing skills whilst capturing the rapid change of London’s cityscape. Explore the juxtaposition of new and old and consider the impact of recent architectural developments on the future of the city and its communities.

Point & Shoot: Documenting Change 
Saturday 16 April
What is lost and gained by the rapid development and re-generation of London? Be inspired by photographic collection materials from the RIBA collection, and then venture out to an on-location photo-shoot.



February and Easter half terms 2016



Free, but registration required.

Family Fun Day: Total Wipeout!
Saturday 2 April

Join us for a day full of fun and surprises! Take over the RIBA headquarters and join in with hands-on activities and tours for all the family. 



Design Quest at the RIBA
Design Quest

£35 (£20 – eligible for free school lunch). Online booking essential.

Monday 15 February, 11am to 4pm
Cripes! Disaster has struck and we are entirely surrounded by water! Can you design a building which works on water? Will it FLOAT? Take the challenge. 

Design Quest: Demolition Derby
Tuesday 16 February, 11am to 4pm
Build a city and knock it down again at our demolition derby day. We’ll use iPads to capture our very special version of architecture Jenga.

Design Quest: Elemental op-up
Wednesday 17 February, 11am to 4pm 
Using paper engineering techniques, create a storytelling pop up artwork inspired by the architects in the Creation from Catastrophe exhibition and their work.

Design Quest: Mess and Making with Materials
Tuesday 29 March
Get hands-on and carve, mould, weave and play with all sorts of materials - some familiar, some might be surprising.

Design Quest: Treehouses – Going Green
Wednesday 30 March

Investigate different treetop designs, and take on the challenge to design your own.

Design Quest: A Fresh Start
Friday 1 April
Create a 2D animation of the reconstruction of a city. We will be using our imagination, our drawings and old photographs.

Design Quest: The Great Fire of London: What happened next?
Monday 4 April
Make your own plan for rebuilding London and make a short video that brings the story to life. 



Design Day for ages 11 to 15

Models from Design Day: Mutant Cities and Transformer Buildings
Design Day

£35 (£20 – eligible for free school lunch). Online booking essential.

Design Day: Tree Houses
Monday 15 February, 11am to 4pm 
Be inspired by Japanese architecture and design to build a mini tree house from balsa wood. You’ll explore building design and 3D model making.

Design Day: Storm Proofing
Tuesday 16 February, 11am to 4pm 
A series of devastating storms are hitting London. A few remain, determined to rebuild London to it's former glory…. Are you up for the challenge? 

Design Day: Home For All
Thursday 18 February, 11am to 4pm 
Create architectural models inspired by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito and the exhibition Creation from Catastrophe. Design on paper and build using foam boards, wooden dowel and elastic.

Design Day: One For All And All For One!
Tuesday 29 March
Do architects work alone? Create a life-size stop motion animation working as a team, to re-build the city of London.

Design Day: That's Fantastic!
Thursday 31 March
The city has been wiped out by a fire. Create fantastical buildings from your wildest dreams, and build a whole new city.

Design Day: Digital Collage Creations
Wednesday 6 April

Learn how to make digital collages, and let your imagination run wild whilst rebuilding cities 

Design Day: Future City
Thursday 7 April

Create a futuristic 3D pop-up city to populate, photograph and share.




Skill Up

£35 (£20 – eligible for free school lunch). Online booking essential.


Skill Up: Re-construction
Wednesday 17 February, 11am to 4pm 

What steps would you take in order to rebuild a town? Discuss, develop and present your own views using analogue and digital tools.

Skill Up: The Inbetweeners
Thursday 18 February, 11am to 4pm 

Explore how rebel architects have developed innovative solutions to building in small, unusual and in-between spaces, before designing your own big idea for a small space! 

Skill Up: Infinite City
Friday 19 February, 11am to 4pm 

Working to a design brief, we’ll work in groups to create a vision of cities for the future. You’ll develop drawing techniques and explore natural building materials, climate change, sustainability and disaster proofing. 

Skill Up: Space and Experience
Wednesday 30 March

Inspired by Aberrant Architecture, you will explore ways to disrupt and reimagine space. Starting with learning drawing and design skills, we’ll then create our own life-scale redesign of one of our rooms. 

Skill Up: Masterplan
Thursday 31 March

Masterplan a new vision for London, using iPads to design buildings, drawing maps and creating concept sketches.

Skill Up: Construction from Destruction
Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 April

Special two-day workshop: How would you construct London if you could start from scratch? Using digital photography, architectural drawing and design techniques you will develop your skills and ideas while learning how architecture can be used to bring about change. 


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