Workshops 2017

Our workshops are led by architects or teaching artists and inspired by the exhibition ‘Mies van der Rohe and James Stirling: Circling the Square’. Between March and June 2017 we have workshops for all ages and abilities:




Group Drawing
Image: Participants at an RIBA workshop


Explore & Draw: Stirling Cityscapes
11am-4pm Saturday 25 March 2017

Drawing workshop. Examine James Stirling’s own sketches and drawings for No.1 Poultry before traveling to the City to draw the surrounding cityscape around the building itself.


Urban Tapestry with Laura Lees
11am-4pm Saturday 22 April 2017  OR 11am-4pm Sunday 23 April 2017

Embroidery workshop. Artist and designer Laura Lees leads this full-day freehand machine embroidery workshop exploring the urban fabric to ask: How do we make a city? 


City Stories: A Photography & Creative Writing Course
19-21 May 2017 (Friday 6pm-8pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 11am-5pm)

Photography and creative writing workshop. Learn new photographic techniques, build their understanding of how to construct narratives (both visual and textual) and produce a new body of work about the city using words and photographs.


Architectural Photography Masterclass 
17-18 June 2017

Photography workshop. Take inspiration from over a century of architectural photography and develop your own creative practice. 


Building Tours: Secrets of 66
Every Saturday 2.30pm-3.30pm between 11 March and 24 June 2017

Take a guided tour of our Grade II* listed headquarters. The tour concludes with a special introduction to Circling the Square. 




‘House Party’ family event
Image: Creative events for all ages at the RIBA


Family Fun Day: Circles and Squares 
10am-5pm Saturday 8 April 2017

Circles and squares – they’re EVERYWHERE! Join us for this fun-filled day of workshops and events all about shaping up the city. Suitable for all ages. 



Children and Young People


Design Quest: Transform the City
11am-4pm Monday 3 April 2017

For ages 5-7. What should London be? You decide. Draw, print, animate and build the city of your dreams.


Design Quest: PoMo Park
11am-4pm Monday 3 April 2017

For ages 8-10. Play around with different shapes, styles and colours to create a park for the people – in the sky!


Design Day: Less is a Bore?!
11am-4pm Tuesday 4 April 2017

For ages 11-15. Dare to be different in this workshop all about breaking the rules. 


Design Day Studio: Place-making for the Next Generation
11am-4pm 10-13 April 2017

For ages 11-15. Tate Harmer leads this four-day workshop looking at how new technologies and social media influence our built environment and how we design urban places for the future. Learn about place-making and the role of the architect in shaping urban spaces before making your own 1:50 scale city. 


Image: Designing and learning at a Skill Up workshop

Skill Up: Skyline Atelier
11am-4pm Wednesday 5 April 2017

For ages 15-18. Explore, debate and deconstruct London’s skyline to create bold new building concepts. 


Skill Up Studio: Skyline Style Wars
11am-4pm 10-13 April 2017

For ages 15-18. 

Mobile Studio Architects leads this fun and engaging four-day workshop designed to ‘skill up’ teenagers thinking about careers in architecture or design. Through a series of hands-on activities of various different scales and mediums, explore and debate the issues surrounding contemporary architecture set against historic London.


Workshops 2017 - Top Four Results

Explore and Draw workshop