Architecture for Social Purpose forms a key strand of the RIBA’s latest five year strategy. We aim to place social purpose, professional standards and ethics at the heart of action and debate about architecture and the profession.

This work supports a key pillar of our 1834 Charter which outlines the role of the RIBA as 'the general advancement of Civil Architecture… as tending greatly to promote the domestic convenience of citizens, and the public improvement and embellishment of towns and cities'.

As part of this work the RIBA is committed to supporting architecture in becoming an increasingly inclusive profession, one that offers rich possibilities for a wide range of talented individuals.

12 role models explain how they have been able to forge careers within architecture. In doing so they send a message to others who may share one or more aspects of their identity – such as gender, background, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or education – that this could be a profession where they might thrive.

To find out more about the Role Models programme, read the articles below. 

RIBA Role Models - Top Four Results


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Mentoring Hub. The RIBA is committed to making architecture and the broader construction industry more inclusive. We believe a diverse profession representative of society as a whole is pivotal to meeting the challenges of the future.

Story Inclusive Leadership: Jane Duncan, RIBA President Elect

Inclusive Leadership: Jane Duncan, RIBA President Elect

Jane Duncan, President Elect of the RIBA offers a personal perspective on the value of diversity, shares her views on what it means to be an inclusive leader and outlines the role she believes the RIBA needs to take in developing the profession.

RIBA Role Models - Other Results

The vision for the RIBA Role Model project came out of the work of the RIBA's advisory group Architects for Change; in particular, the Chair Danna Walker and group member Dieter Gockmann. 

Jo Bostock of Pause Consultancy shaped and directed the vision. Her wealth of experience, commitment and huge understanding of the issues of diversity and inclusion has taken this project to a level beyond our aspirations.

Pari Naderi has brought the project to life with her beautiful and revealing photography.