How an RIBA Client Adviser will work with you

The high-level, expert advice and support of an RIBA Client Adviser can be crucial in establishing a strong, sound framework for your project.


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Your needs will depend greatly on your existing in-house expertise. You should plan jointly with your RIBA Client Adviser precisely where and when in the whole development process you’ll need their input. The RIBA Client Adviser will then be able to plan how they will resource the project, which may include putting together a team of their own.

You should appoint your RIBA Client Adviser as early in the process as possible – the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) recommends the appointment of an independent client adviser (such an RIBA Client Adviser) prior to that of a project manager. They will gain an understanding of the drivers and the challenges of the project, help to develop the business case and procurement strategy, and review designs for their affordability and quality.

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