Our structure


The President

Jane Duncan was recently elected as the next President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the UK body for architecture and the architectural profession. Jane became President Elect on 1 September 2014 and will take over the two-year elected presidency from Stephen Hodder on 1 September 2015 as President of the RIBA, a position previously held by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and Sir Basil Spence among others.

Jane is Director of Jane Duncan Architects, an award winning practice of 16 architects and interior designers based in Buckinghamshire. Established in 1992, Jane Duncan Architects undertakes a mixture of high-end residential, sports and leisure, commercial and community projects. These vary from sustainable contemporary to traditional and listed buildings.

Trained at the Bartlett UCL, Jane set up in practice almost immediately after qualifying. She has been a small practice champion at RIBA, and was 6 years Vice President Practice. Since 2013 she has also been the RIBA’s Equality and Diversity champion.

Jane lives in a hemp eco house designed for her family over 5 years ago, and has two children with husband Ian, who recently joined JDA as practice manager. She is a local community revitalisation champion, mentors and gives careers guidance to local school pupils, and until recently wrote and directed pantomimes for local charities.

The Chief Executive

Harry Rich leads the professional team of some 200 in London and around the country. Before joining us he was Chief Executive of Enterprise UK and, prior to this, Deputy Chief Executive at the Design Council. Listen to Harry speak about the RIBA and the architectural profession in an interview with Richard Steer from 2009, courtesy of www.gleeds.tv:  

Richard Steer in conversation with Harry Rich.

Senior management

Group Executive  

Executive Director Members: Adrian Dobson

Chief Executive: Harry Rich

Executive Director Finance & Operations: Alan Vallance

Executive Director Communication & Outreach: Gill Webber 

Senior staff  

Director of Practice: Lucy Carmichael

Director of Development: Lottie Cole

Head of External Affairs: Clare Corbett

Partnerships Director RIBA Enterprises: Steve Cross

Head of Human Resources: Sally Davies

Head of International: Marcus Deeley

Executive Director Members: Adrian Dobson

Head of Venues: Stephanie Ellrott

Director of Membership: Oliver Escritt

Director of Library: Wendy Fish

Director of Education: David Gloster

Director of Nations & Regions: William Hawkins

Commercial Director: Belinda Irlam-Mowbray

Director of Digital Transformation: Francois Josserand

Head of Marketing: Maxine McKenzie

Head of Finance: Tony Phillips 

Head of Collections: Kent Rawlinson

Chief Executive: Harry Rich

Executive Director Corporate Social Responsibility: Elizabeth Robertson

Head of Client Services: Linda Stevens

RIBA Enterprises Director of Media: Jonathan Stock

Executive Director Finance & Operations: Alan Vallance

Executive Director Communication & Outreach: Gill Webber   



Regional Directors 

East Midlands: Mike Baulcombe

West Midlands: Matthew Dobson

Yorkshire: Emma England 

North East: Amanda McManus

South/South East: James Robinson

North West: Andrew Ruffler

London: Tamsie Thomson

East: Louise Todd

South West: Jon Watkins

RSAW: Mary Wrenn