RIBA International Fellowships

The RIBA announced 11 new International Fellowships. RIBA International Fellowships reward the particular contributions non-UK architects have made to architecture.

The RIBA's 2014 International Fellowships are:

  • Alberto Campo Baeza (Spain) - Architect and academic
  • Fernando Márquez Cecilia + Richard Levene (Spain ) – Architects, Publishers (El Croquis), Editors and Curators
  • Hermann Czech (Austria) - Architect
  • Luis Fernandez-Galiano (Spain) – Architect, writer and curator
  • Marcel Meili/ Markus Peter (Switzerland) - Architects
  • Max Risselada (Netherlands) - Architect, author, curator, editor, educator
  • Luigi Snozzi (Switzerland) - Architect
  • Tod Williams + Billie Tsien (USA) – Architects

The lifetime honour allows individual recipients to use the initials Int FRIBA after their name.

On the occasion of the Royal Gold Medal Lecture given by Joseph Rykwert on 24 February the RIBA also presented its Honorary and International Fellowships.