Philharmonic Hall, Germany

Philharmonic Hall

The cultural centerpiece of HafenCity, the largest urban construction initiative under way in Europe, will be the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.  The design of the Philharmonic Hall will incorporate a pre-existing brick warehouse topped by a new crystalline tent-like structure that seems to float above the industrial base.  It will house a new home for Hamburg’s NDR Symphony Orchestra, a luxury hotel, residential apartments, a conference centre, the Klingendes Museum, restaurants, nightclubs, and parking.

Anchoring the project will be a fortress-like, monolithic building, designed and constructed in the 1960s by Werner Kallmorgen. Perched on top will be the new glass structure that will rise upward into a series of wavelike peaks, its glass façade consisting in part of curved panels, some of them cut open, which will catch the changing reflections of the sky, water, and city.

The project is scheduled to open in 2010.