Royal Gold Medal 2008

Ted Cullinan

2008 Royal Gold Medallist Ted Cullinan 

Edward (Ted) Cullinan was announced as the RIBA's 2008 Royal Gold Medallist on 9 October 2007. The medal was presented to Ted at the Royal Gold Medal and Fellowships Dinner, in association with Buro Happold, on 12 February 2008 at a black-tie ceremony in the RIBA's Florence Hall.


The official citation reads:

'Over four decades of inspirational practice and teaching Edward (Ted) Cullinan has shown us how a keen awareness of the natural environment, and a deep engagement with those who use and experience buildings, can generate compelling and poetic architecture. Long before they became widely accepted, Cullinan had made his own versions of 'sustainability' and 'consultation' central to his highly original and inventive approach to putting buildings together. His oeuvre of over 110 buildings generously exhibits these qualities but it is perhaps the RMC Headquarters (1986-90) that exemplifies most clearly the path finding quality of Cullinan's work through its innovative low energy naturally ventilated offices, pioneering workplace design and a brilliant response to the existing buildings and landscape.'