The RIBA conducts a number of surveys of students of architecture to inform the work of the institution including the biennial RIBA Student Finances Survey and the annual RIBA Student Destinations Survey

RIBA Student Finances Survey  

The pilot Student Finances Survey was conducted by the RIBA Education Department in March 2011. Follow up surveys are conducted ever two years with the intention to see how the financial situation for architecture students has changed. The aims of the studies are to gauge the financial situation of students as well as their opinions and attitudes to financial hardship.

The feedback from the survey is again intended to inform the work of the RIBA Education Trust Funds Committee, who administers grants and scholarships to support students of architecture, particularly those suffering from financial hardship.


The executive summaries can be downloaded below:


The 2015 survey is now open for responses. Your opinion is important to us. The survey is live until 1 September 2015.


RIBA Student Destinations Survey 

The RIBA Student Destinations Survey was launched in 2011 as a partnership between the RIBA and University of Sheffield.

Aims of the project

This study seeks to address the current lack of substantial research and understanding about the employment destinations of Part 1 graduates of architecture, the transferability of skills gained in the degree programme, and perceived value of an architectural education from the graduates entering a difficult and competitive marketplace.

In addition to providing a better understanding of Part 1 graduates entering the profession, we hope the outcomes of this study will help to:

  • provide a better understanding of and improve the employment prospects of graduates
  • identify if any groups are disadvantaged when entering the profession
  • shape education policy in future years.

We also hope to understand why some graduates leave the profession, how useful their education was in securing work in another field, and how tuition fees affect who enters architectural education.

Scope of the project

This project intends to be a ten-year study, in collaboration with seven Schools of Architecture across the UK. Each year the participating schools will send a survey to their most recent cohort of Part 1 graduates and will follow up on their graduates who have previously participated in the survey.

Individual responses will remain anonymous, and individual schools will not be named. The findings from each year will be published to build the analysis year on year.


An information sheet for participants can be accessed below

Student Destinations Survey Information Sheet
File size: 113kB


Read the results since 2011 below:

Please contact Hayley Russell, Education Projects Coordinator at or Flora Samuel at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, at should you have any further questions.