Our educational activities

Our education department runs a number of activities and projects designed to support students and academics, to showcase the work of the department, and to encourage discussion surrounding diversity of and entry to the profession.

We run a number of events such as the Perspectives on Architecture talks and specialist lecture series in schools of architecture throughout the UK. These free events provide opportunities for speakers and audience members to contribute to sophisticated debates as well as providing a platform for presenting emerging architectural research.

Projects such as the annual analysis of Education Statistics and the Students Destination Survey allow us to build up an accurate picture demonstrating the demographic of students of architecture and their employability.  The information gained is used to inform RIBA educational policies and to respond to calls for evidence or consultations by various government departments.  We believe that this work is vital in order to shape and influence the future of the profession.


image3The RIBA Education Yearbook is an annual publication showcasing architectural work that is made possible with the support of the RIBA through its diverse programmes of awards and trust funds. Sections include detailed articles and coverage of the President's Medals awards, Annie Spink Award, research supported by the RIBA Research Trust Funds, RIBA LKE Ozolins Studentship, students supported by the RIBA AHR Stephen Williams Scholarship, the RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship, the RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships, the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, and many more!

The RIBA Education Yearbook can be purchased for £20. Please contact John-Paul Nunes, Head of Education Projects on john-paul.nunes@riba.org.