Here's what some of our alumni had to say about the RIBA Part 3 course:

Matt Osmont
RIBA Part 3 graduate, 2007


I attended the RIBA NW Part III course in 2007 and found it to be a very informative, enjoyable and beneficial experience. The format of the course suited me well as it was possible to differentiate between my Part II working life and studying for my Part I.

The study weekends were intense, but the four days really allowed you to immerse yourself in the course and to attain an in-depth understanding of the topics being discussed. The calibre of speaker was high and the pacing of lectures allowed a lot of ground to be covered whilst providing a high level of detail. I found it immensely useful to have the opportunity to meet with examiners to review the progress and content of my Case Study and Self Evaluation on both weekends.

In my working life I have found the RIBA NW course to be held in high regard due to the extended office based examination format and this has proved to be a great addition to my CV.  Lastly, it was very gratifying that in the annual football grudge match Manchester prevailed over Liverpool, even if this was despite my contribution!


Vivien Wong
RIBA Part 3 graduate, 2010



Having completed my RIBA Part 1 & 2 qualifications and worked 12 months in the UK, I decided to relocate to Hong Kong for my career development and for a different type of lifestyle. I got to know about the Part 3 course offered by the RIBA NW through a colleague who had successfully completed hers a few years ago in the UK.

I was slightly uncomfortable to commit to the Course from overseas at the beginning, however, after comparing the courses provided by various universities and exam centres, I felt that the RIBA NW Part 3 course with the monthly study packs and the two intensive residential courses would best suit my situation, so I signed up for the Course commencing in January 2010.

In 2010, I made three trips to Chester from Hong Kong, two for the residential courses and one for the exam interview. The two residential courses were fully catered, so I did not have to worry about accommodation and food. During my stay, I met the other candidates and was glad to be put in a study group with other local and overseas students. Our study group kept in touch and helped each other to prepare for the exam by sharing notes and working on past papers over the internet, which was super useful! Although the course worked out a bit costly with the travelling cost from Hong Kong, it was all worth it when I gained my status as a UK Architect in October 2010.