Advanced CPD: Green Skills

The built environment accounts for a major part of global fossil fuel energy use and carbon emissions. Buildings and their supporting infrastructures are said to be responsible for emitting about 50% of all carbon emissions at present levels.

European government has committed to realising a low-carbon society within our generation. The UK's commitment to reduce carbon emmisions is now a matter of legal obligation. UK Legislation driven by The Climate Change Act 2008 will continue to focus on reducing carbon emissions and the construction industry will evolve to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We will see rapid change within the decade and architects can take advantage of new business areas and show leadership and understanding of the opportunities and constraints.

The role of the architect is pivotal in achieving sustainable low-carbon development, leading by example to set a vision for good design that minimisies our impact on the environment.

We have carefully chosen some advanced courses that will allow you to gain specialist knowledge in this area that you can market to clients and to build your business. Seize the opportunities arising from the move towards a low-carbon economy and sustainable development.

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