Sustainable Building and Services three-day course

RIBA Advanced CPD pilot with the Green Register: Sustainable Building and Services three-day course

London 15 and 16 May and 4 July 2012

Delegates can attend one, two or all three days of this intensive training course provided by The Green Register. Attendance of any two days out of three will allow delegates to apply for The Green Register (TGR) membership with all its associated benefits, including free listing on the TGR website and substantial discounts on all TGR courses.

Delegates attend all sessions on day one. On days two and three there are a range of workshops with choices where delegates are given the opportunity to delve more deeply into subjects of the their choice. In particular, on day three the options will be masterclasses on highly specific topics.

Day one: all sessions mandatory. Sessions one - four are one hour each in duration; session five is two hours in duration.

Session one

  • sustainable building: the background picture

Session two

  • relevant legislation, incentives, policies and guidance

Session three

  • the external envelope and contsruction types

Session four

  • sustainable water in the UK

Session five

  • low carbon technologies

Day two: delegates choose one option for each of four sessions, from three choices per session. Each is 90 minutes in duration.

Session one

  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Design to reduce waste

Session two

  • Breathing construction
  • Low-carbon technologies in depth
  • Code for sustainable homes

Session three

  • Rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling
  • Sustainable retrofit in the historic environment
  • Green spec and green spec studio

Session four

  • SUDS and alternative drainage systems
  • Delivering sustainable timber
  • Greening the office

Day three masterclasses: half-day intensive training sessions on the following topics (delgates choose two):

  • Carbon auditing
  • The future in now
  • Eco-retrofit across the ages
  • Meeting or exceeding Part L 2013 for residential properties
  • The Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4/5
  • Eco-refurbishments of office interiors
  • Resource-efficient design

A variety of face-to-face learning methodologies are used including group work and breakout workshops with smaller groups and plenty of time is allowed for debate and discussion.

At the end of the three-day training course, delegates will be fully conversant with all the central issues surrounding sustainable construction, plus working knowledge of specific technical details based on their workshop choices on days two and three.

Delegate assessment will be on a continual basis throughout the course with review sessions on days two and three. For those who attend day three, a short questionnaire will be sent to each delates to ascertain their level of understanding of the topic prior to attendance.

The costs are £99 for one day, £198 for two days and £297 for all three days.

Days one and two will be held at Roots and Shoots near Waterloo. The venue for day three is to be confirmed, but will be in central London. All days start at 9am and finish between 4.30 and 5pm.

For bookings visit, email or phone 0117 377 3490.