What does RIBA CPD offer you?


While there are rules  for minimum achievements, and the RIBA provides top-notch learning for you , how you structure and carry out your CPD is very flexible and you can get it from any source. Your CPD choices are in your hands.

Any relevant learning activity can count towards your requirements: from reading at one end of the spectrum, to additional qualifications at the other end, with countless activities in between . Your CPD activities can often be self-directed and informal, as well.   The more detail and expertise you need in any topic, though, the more detailed your CPD is likely to be.

The CPD you carry out should be relevant to you in your specific circumstances.  Your own programme will take into account a number of factors: what you need to know, personal and professional circumstances, local factors, the level of detail you need, the amount of expertise you require, your position and responsibility in the practice, career aspirations, the needs of your business and the time and money you can afford to spend.

CPD should be beneficial: planned, managed, and carried out in the right way CPD can help you take charge of your learning needs and your career trajectory. It can be used to strengthen your business, to pick up lucrative new skills and to acquire new specialisms. It can be what you need it to be, suited to you. It is a true business, professional and career tool.