Time to reflect on your 2014 CPD

Mid 2014 is a good time to think about the CPD you have done so far this year and to plan for the rest of the year.

To get the most from your CPD time and resources, and to best embed the learning in practice, implement a regular CPD cycle of planning, development and reflection. 

The four key steps for reflecting on your CPD:

1. Record the individual activity online

2. Review and reflect on what you learned in the individual CPD activities

3. Put what you learned in to practice

4. Regularly review, analyse and assess your needs

And the five key steps for planning:

1. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses in the job, the practice and your career

2. Look ahead at what you, your career and the business need and where you want to go in terms of obtaining work and clients

3. Decide what knowledge areas you need to develop to achieve this

4. Look ahead to the key changes on the horizon

 5. Plan and research your learning activities and the level of detail and expertise you need. You should also address the means by which you will obtain your core curriculum CPD. How are you going to learn? By attending RIBA seminars? Other seminars? Lunchtime updates? NBS TV or RIBA Online CPD? Conferences? Reading? Self-directed learning? Additional qualifications? Internal knowledge transfer? Networking and talking with other professionals? RIBA branch events? Using social media? Other?

You are free to design your learning to suit your own needs: as long as it's relevant to the practice of architecture how, what, when and at what level you study is up to you. Of course, the more expertise you need, the more detailed and formal your CPD is likely to be.

For help and advice, email cpd@riba.org



Posted on Thursday 3rd July 2014