We have fielded a few calls this week about CPD for international members

All chartered members – anywhere – need to undertake CPD. However, we understand that face to face options in some parts of the world might be limited.

No matter where you are – even if you are UK based – your CPD ought to reflect your personal needs and circumstances, and the level of expertise you require.  CPD can also be a mix of structured and informal options, and many self-directed activities can count.

Your CPD as an international member ought to reflect the local statutory requirements and cultural background of the country in which you practice, so the RIBA doesn't expect you to undertake UK-related CPD.  Also, any CPD or continuing education done in accordance with other countries' guidelines for architects is allowable in its entirety.

Your first stop for looking for local CPD is your country’s equivalent of the RIBA. There is a professional body for architects in most countries and they will be listed on the International Union of Architects, Architects Council of Europe, Architects Regional Council of Asia and Africa Union of Architects websites.

Many practices link training with their yearly performance reviews and appraisals, and business plans. CPD doesn't have to be additional to this other training you are receiving; it can be one and the same. If you are already attending courses, seminars or conferences, then be sure to record these. Many people will undertake this type of training anyway.

Why not consider making an audit of skills amongst your office or other colleagues and professionals and train each other? Some people in the UK are forming CPD clubs and self-help groups. This concept could work anywhere. Just networking with fellow architects can be valid and extremely useful CPD.

When you really are unable to find structured CPD or training, then the solution is to be creative. Think of open/distance learning, web-based learning, videos, reading, writing/research, networking, etc. Remember that any training you access that enhances your role as an architect, your career, future development or business is valid CPD.

Other types of places to look locally for your CPD are below (although they may not call it 'CPD' you can count it as CPD yourself). You will probably be able to think of some other ideas yourself. Key words these organisations might use are 'training', 'courses', 'lectures', 'further education', 'continuing education', 'skills', 'lifelong learning', 'adult education' and similar.

National, local or regional architecture or design organisations

Commercial training companies

Trade shows and exhibitions

Schools of architecture or engineering

Other university or college programmes

BIM, CAD and IT companies

Conference organisers

Heritage organisations

Sustainability organisations

Museum education and lecture programmes

Other professional bodies - both construction and business related ones; for example, in the UK, some of the accountancy bodies offer public training courses.

Useful websites featuring international architecture and design events listings:

Islamic Architecture Events| especially in Middle East and North Africa

Architecture Week|, news, events and conferences worldwide

Design Addict|  cutting edge design and architecture

Metropolis| more international events and news

Advice on CPD for international members is available from joni.tyler@riba.org  We can also offer you more detailed information on online and distance learning. Learn how to to get more out of your CPD learning.



Posted on Thursday 19th June 2014