ARB 'mass strike off' - are you affected?

Any RIBA members who may have been ‘struck-off’ the ARB register for late or non payment of their 2014 ARB registration fees are advised to contact the ARB quickly for reinstatement, if they wish to continue to  use the title ‘architect’ for any form of business within the UK.  Otherwise they will be in breach of the Architects’ Registration Act. This also applies to practices using the word ‘architect(s)’ in their practice name, letter-headings, correspondence etc.

We have been informed by the ARB that the registration body may waive their £65 re-instatement fee if registrants contact them quickly and have a fair reason for not paying their registration fee in time.

The RIBA does support the professional need to pay any necessary registration fees on time and to comply with statutory requirements, but the RIBA does not condone this abrupt action by the ARB. 

RIBA President Stephen Hodder said:

'ARB’s mass strike-off seems a somewhat harsh approach. These are challenging times but the RIBA has been able to support members and minimise our subscription increase to 3% over the past three years compared to ARB’s 31% fee increase over the same period and does not impose financial penalties for late payments. We have received many calls from our members questioning the overall cost and value of protection of title offered by the ARB, which will be under scrutiny as part of the ARB triennial review.'

More information about the requirements and implications of the Architects Registration Act can be found on If you have any specific queries or concerns about this, please call the RIBA member information line on  +44 (0)20 7307 3600.

Posted on Thursday 16th January 2014