RSAW Annual Conference 2014


Architecture and wellbeing

Architecture and Wellbeing


  • Date: Friday 21 November

  • Location: Sherman Cymru, Cardiff

A one-day conference exploring the role of architects in creating buildings, spaces and cities that contribute to people’s happiness and wellbeing.

By 2015, Wales will be one of the very few countries in the world to have the wellbeing of future generations enshrined in its legislative programme. The Welsh Goverment's Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill, laid before the Assembly in July 2014, calls for a prosperous, resilient and healthy Wales, based on a low-carbon society that promotes equality, culture and heritage through attractive, viable and cohesive communities. The RSAW's 2014 conference explores how architects and professional colleagues can contribute to this ambitious vision.

Our starting point will be the straightforward dictionary definition of wellbeing as 'the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy' and the World Health Organisation definition of health as 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.'

Modernist architects of the early 20th century promoted the health benefits of sunlight, ventilation and effective heating. But some features of the modernist approach proved to have negative health impacts - including excessive glazing and deep plan buildings relying heavily on mechanical systems. There is now renewed interest in the health aspects of design - growing out of an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the idea of sustainability. Speakers from a range of professional and academic disciplines will discuss evidence that careful, considerate design of homes, workplaces, towns and cities can positvely affect health and wellbeing.

This one-day conference will highlight inspirational case-studies from the health, education and leisure sectors; while a panel of specialist contributors will attempt to pin down the challenges and obstacles based on their personal experiences of strategic leadership, influencing political will and delivery of complex projects.

Chaired by Professor Chris Tweed, Head of the Welsh School of Architecture, the conference is presented by RSAW in association with the Design Commission of Wales, Regeneration Skills Collective Wales and CITB Cymru.

£99 + VAT

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Posted on Tuesday 19th August 2014