RIBA endorses candidates for ARB elections

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is endorsing four candidates for the Architects Registration Board (ARB) election which closes on 1 March 2012.

The RIBA-endorsed candidates are:

  • John Assael
  • Alan Cook
  • Roger Shrimplin
  • Susan Ware.

Members of the ARB are independent but each candidate supports the following three principles which have been adopted by the RIBA, seeking:

  • a minimalist registration body that keeps strictly within the remit and scope defined in the Architects Act 1997
  • a registration body which actively protects the proper use of the title “architect” and takes effective action against non-architects purporting to offer services as an architect
  • a registration body which working with the RIBA jointly validates and prescribes architecture courses in the UK and internationally to commonly held standards.

Angela Brady, President of the RIBA said:

'I am delighted that John Assael, Alan Cook, Roger Shrimplin and Susan Ware have been endorsed by the RIBA's Practice and Profession Committee for election to the ARB. They represent a mixed group of independent and individual architects, well known to the RIBA.

I believe that we need a stronger relationship between elected architect members of the ARB and the RIBA and I am confident that these candidates will work hard to achieve positive changes at the ARB, not just over international validation and effective protection of title, but in limiting duplication of activities whilst still promoting the importance of a Register.'

If elected, the RIBA endorsed candidates will work with the ARB to achieve balanced and cost effective regulation and maintain a productive relationship between the two organisations.

The RIBA urges members on the ARB register to vote for the RIBA endorsed candidates in the first four places of the single transferable voting list. Visit the Election page on the ARB website for more information on how to vote.


Notes to editors

  • For further press information contact Howard Crosskey in the RIBA Press Office: 020 7307 3761 howard.crosskey@riba.org.
  • Electoral Reform Services, the independent body chosen by the ARB to run the election, will be sending out the ballot material by the end of January, and it will contain full details of what you need to do to cast a vote. You can either vote in the traditional way by completing and posting your completed ballot paper to the Returning Officer, or you can cast your vote online.
  • Whichever method you choose, your vote must be received by noon on 1 March 2012 if it is to count.
  • For the RIBA endorsed candidates' manifestos contact Howard Crosskey in the RIBA Press Office: 020 7307 3761.
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) champions better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture and our members. Visit www.architecture.com or follow us at www.twitter.com/RIBA.