RIBA response to Policy Exchange and Create Streets report

In response to the Policy Exchange/Create Streets report published today (Thursday 24th January) the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) said:

'The RIBA welcomes the continued debate on the housing crises in the London and the UK, and strongly believes that everyone has the right to live in a decent well designed home. It would be simplistic to suggest that all of the social issues mentioned in the Create Streets report have arisen from the design of homes themselves, although there are clearly lessons which can be learnt. As we build more and better homes it becomes increasingly important that we have a variety different property types available so people can choose and afford a home that is right for them.

'Decisions on high rise developments and their future should be made at a local level and include the existing population. We would not advocate the demolition of all existing high rise residential buildings, especially in a time of housing need and where existing communities may be flourishing.

'Quality design is the most important aspect when it comes to homes of the future, our research has shown that people want space, light and privacy. We believe there are more than just a few types of buildings that can achieve this.'


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