RIBA announces Council election results

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) today announces the results of the RIBA Council elections 2014. All RIBA Council appointments will commence from 1 September 2014.

National Council Members were elected using a Single Transferable Vote. The first six candidates who reached the required quota and are therefore elected are:

  • John Assael
  • Ben Derbyshire
  • Daniel Leon
  • Walter Menteth
  • George Oldham
  • Flora Samuel 

The following were elected as Overseas Council Members:

  • Goh Chong Chia
  • Nela de Zoysa

Robert Firth was elected as Regional Council Member (RSAW).

The following Chartered Members take uncontested seats as Regional Council Members:

  • Bob Brown, South West
  • Antony Clerici, West Midlands
  • Russell Curtis, London
  • Mark Kemp, South West
  • Julia McLoughlin, South East
  • Nick Mills, Wessex
  • Shariar Nasser, London
  • Peter Oborn, London
  • Owen O'Carroll, London
  • Vinesh Pomal, London
  • Kerr Robertson, Scotland South
  • Kevin Singh, West Midlands
  • Meryl Townley, London
  • Carl Turner, London
  • Edward Williams, London

Marie Braithwaite was elected a Student Member of Council.  

Jane Duncan will sit on Council as RIBA President Elect.




  1. For further information contact Melanie Mayfield in the RIBA Press Office melanie.mayfield@riba.org 020 7307 3662


Posted on Thursday 24th July 2014