South West

The south west is one of the most attractive and interesting parts of the UK. Our coastline, our countryside, our cities, towns and villages are second to none in their enduring appeal.


From the ancient maritime cities of Bristol and Plymouth to the industrial heritage of Cornwall and Swindon, and the landscaped beauty of the Cotswolds and South Dorset Downs, our region is one of beauty, innovation and enterprise.

Through our members and the RIBA national network, we work with partners and organisations across the region and the UK to champion better buildings, communities and the environment. Read 'Our Plan for 2016'

RIBA South West 

Unit 4.8, Paintworks
Bath Road
Bristol BS4 3EH
Tel: +44 (0)117 972 3777 

News from RIBA South West

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News 16 buildings shortlisted for RIBA Awards in the South West

16 buildings shortlisted for RIBA Awards in the South West

49 South West entries for the RIBA Awards were received, and 16 new and exciting buildings have been shortlisted in the region. Over the coming weeks the RIBA judging panel will visit them all and the winners will be announced at an evening event on …

2 March, 2016

Seminars: Auto enrolment and the RIBA Pension

We have organised several free seminars throughout the UK to provide chartered practices with an excellent opportunity to find out more about the RIBA Pension and how this can be beneficial for your company.

21 December, 2015
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Bristol and Bath 
Chair: Rosa Simpson 
Architects Benevolent Society: Sian Smith 

Chair: Jane Hamlyn
Architects Benevolent Society: John Wilks

Contact: Jess Knowles and Adam Covell
Email: and
Architects Benevolent Society: Paul Harrington

Chair: John Wilde
Architects Benevolent Society: Brian Godfrey 

Contact: Tom Bell

Chair: Graham Devine 
Architects Benevolent Society: Ken Bingham

Chair: Claire Fear and Architectural Thread 
Architects Benevolent Society: Chris Mitchell

Chair: Paul Stevens 
Architects Benevolent Society: Andrew Bumphrey

Regional Council 

Giles Vallis, RIBA Wessex Chair
Jonathan Braddick, RIBA South West Chair
John Wilde, RIBA South West chair elect

Nick Mills
, RIBA Councillor (Wessex)
Andrew Bourne, RIBA Councillor (Wessex)
Bob Brown, RIBA Councillor (South West)
Mark Kemp, RIBA Councillor (South West)
Jonathan Ball, RIBA Councillor (nationally elected)