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The RIBA Conservation Register enables those looking to commission work on heritage buildings to find architects with the specific skills and experience they require, encompassing all aspects of historic building conservation, repair and maintenance.

The Register has three levels of membership, which also provide an incremental process of accreditation for those who are in the early phases of establishing their careers in building conservation. These levels are:

  • Specialist Conservation Architect (SCA)  

    Able to demonstrate authoritative knowledge of conservation practice, principles and philosophy, and to contribute to development of conservation standards.

  • Conservation Architect (CA)  

    Able to demonstrate depth of understanding of conservation practice, principles and philosophy, and to guide and take responsibility for others whilst understanding when further specialist guidance is required.

  • Conservation Registrant (CR)  

    Able to demonstrate good working and background knowledge of key aspects of conservation practice, principles and philosophy, and to understand when guidance or supervision is required.

Reaccreditation is required for all three levels every five years; details are on page 18 of the Handbook.

The SCA level of the RIBA Conservation Register is equivalent to accreditation on the AABC Register.

Please see the RIBA Conservation Register Handbook for further information: 


call for applications to the register

The next application round (for SCA and CA applicants) opens on 1 July 2016, with a closing deadline of 30 September.

Please note that applications to join the Conservation Register at CR level can be made at any time.

Applications for SCA and CA level must include:

  • Detailed CV (max 4 pages)
  • Summary (between 300 - 500 words per dossier) of the effectiveness of your role in the conservation process
  • Demonstration of individual decision-making cross-referred to the ICOMOS guidelines
  • 12 pages maximum supporting evidence per dossier - this can include relevant extracts from reports, drawings, photographs etc.

Applicants for SCA and CA level should enclose three hard copies of their application material.

The application fee for each of the three levels is:

  • SCA - £150 (incl VAT)
  • CA - £120 (incl VAT)
  • CR - £60 (incl VAT)

The annual registration fee for each of the three levels is:

  • SCA - £150 (incl VAT)
  • CA - £120 (incl VAT)
  • CR - £60 (incl VAT)

ARB-registered architects who are not RIBA members will pay an additional annual administration fee of £135 (incl VAT).

If you are interested in applying to join the RIBA Conservation Register please complete the application form below:

Please return this by post, with a cheque to cover the relevant application fee, to:

Conservation Registrar
Royal Institute of British Architects
66 Portland Place
London W1B 1AD 

Please contact for further information.

Steering group 

Dawson Stelfox, Chair 
Hilary Bell 
John Kellett 
Ingval Maxwell 
Stuart Page 
Andrew Salter 
Richard Spencer Dean 

Invited observers 

Peter Ashby, Cadw 
Manus Deery, Northern Ireland Environment Agency 
Joy Russell, English Heritage 

Assessment panel 

Sarah Baldwin

Philip Belchere

Jonathan Carey

Alan Chandler

Marcus Chantrey

Jonathan Deeming

Robert Franklin

Michael Garner

James Gibson

Martin Goalen

Rod Hackney

Nigel Hammett

Roisin Hanley

Michael Hartley

Stuart Hodgkinson

Jane Jones-Warner

Colin Kerr

Martin Killick

Nicholas Lee Evans

Adrian Pearson

Janie Price

Mark Stewart

Jack Warshaw


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