How do I become an RIBA Client Adviser? 

Do I need to join the RIBA before I can apply to be assessed? 

If you are applying to the RIBA Client Adviser Register you can apply without being a member, but if you are accepted by the Assessment Panel you will need to become a member of the RIBA before your name will be added to the RIBA Client Adviser register.  

How do I change my password? 

Log in to change your password.

How do I update my RIBA Client Adviser online register information? 

Log in using your membership number and password to change your details.

Will the RIBA follow up references? 

The RIBA will contact referees from the reference details you provide. 

If my application is rejected will I be able to apply again?

The assessment panel will outline why you have not been accepted. You will be able to re-apply at any time, having demonstrated that you have addressed their concerns. 

How much will I get paid as an RIBA Client Adviser? 

RIBA Client Adviser input varies widely from project to project and there are no standard fees or rates for their work, so costs will need to be negotiated with individual clients.

As an individual architect/employee I do not carry insurance. Do I need to take out insurance to apply to be an RIBA Client Adviser?  

While you are applying to be an RIBA Client Adviser you will not be required to take out insurance. However, if you are accepted by the RIBA Client Adviser assessment panel you will need to take out your own PII insurance, or provide proof that you are specifically insured for RIBA Client Adviser appointments through your practice before you will be allowed on to the register.