How to apply

You do not need to be a member of the RIBA to apply to be an RIBA Client Adviser, but if you are accepted by the Assessment Panel you will need to become a member before your name can be added to the RIBA Client Adviser Register.

Apply if you are an RIBA Member

Apply if you are not an RIBA Member

About the application form

Complete the following sections at your convenience, then save the latest information and return to the form when you wish to update it (the information is saved automatically by editing). When it is completed to your satisfaction, press the final submit button.

  • Personal details (including your RIBA membership number, where applicable, and PI insurance details).
  • Qualifications.  
  • Membership of other bodies.
  • Personal statement - to show why a client should select you for a project (approximately 200 words).  
  • Up to 200 words for each of the required core competencies - please use the relevant competency matrix to guide you in this.
  • Projects - to demonstrate your personal input in an advisory capacity into projects (not your company's input), ie, the core competencies and additional services you provided (maximum of three projects with up to three images per project). Please note that this information will be given to prospective clients should you be accepted.
  • Three references - the RIBA may write to your referees asking for views on your ability to be useful to a client in setting up project strategy, achieving value and quality, brief making, advising on feasibility studies, procurement advice and team choice.


The 2016 application round for the RIBA Client Adviser register will open at the end of March and will close at the end May. 

What happens once I have submitted my application?

An RIBA Client Adviser Assessment Panel will meet to assess applications. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application after 31st July.

Once you have been selected by the panel you will need to pay an annual fee to remain on the register and you must ensure that you meet the annual CPD requirements.


Fees for membership to the RIBA Client Adviser Register are charged at £310.