Assessment Panel

When does the panel meet? 

The RIBA Client Adviser Assessment Panel meets once a year to assess RIBA Client Adviser applications. For more details, please email  

Who are Assessment Panel members?

Assessors represent the RIBA, the architectural profession, plus public and private sector clients.

Conflict of interest

  • After the submission deadline for applications, the panel will be sent a list of applicants.
  • Panel members must declare any potential conflict of interest with any of the applicants, and outline their connection to each nominee.
  • The following categories are considered to be a conflict of interest - family (spouse, partner, sibling, child, parent), present or former work colleagues, anyone with a financial connection, past or current employer and close friends.
  • Panel members will be allocated forms for applicants about whom they have expressed no potential conflict of interest.

What are the applicant requirements?

  • You do not need to be a member of the RIBA to apply, but if you are accepted by the Assessment panel you will need to become a member before your name can be added to the RIBA Client Adviser Register. As a member of the RIBA, each candidate on the RIBA Client Adviser Register abides by the RIBA Code of Conduct and therefore the panel will assume that their statements are correct.
  • The panel is entitled to interview any of the candidates.
  • All members of the RIBA Client Adviser register will be required to complete a programme of CPD over the year.
  • There will be a renewal procedure for all RIBA Client Advisers who will need to provide the following - annual fee and membership renewal form, PII insurance renewal evidence, records of completed CPD, records of completed RIBA Client Adviser projects, and satisfactory feedback from clients.

What is the procedure for the panel?

  • The RIBA will check applications for completeness and compliance on set criteria.
  • The compliant applications will be divided and allocated to pairs of assessors, where no conflicts of interest have been declared.
  • Application and assessment forms for each set will be sent to each member of the assessment pair before the Assessment Panel meeting, for their review prior to the meeting. Pairs of assessors may wish to confer on their assessment of their allocated set prior to the meeting.
  • The panel will assess the applications based on the demonstration of the five core competencies and illustrated project information, references and application form submitted by each applicant, which will demonstrate how the candidate meets the skills, experience and knowledge required to be an RIBA Client Adviser.