Principal Designer Course

Looking to consolidate your skills and knowledge in the new Principal Designer role? Need some training to give you the confidence in your skills?

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Since the Health and Safety Executive’s CDM 2015 Regulations came into effect in 2015, the RIBA has been offering a range of half, one and two day courses on the Principal Designer role.  These are the only Principal Designer Courses offered by the RIBA.

The RIBA Principal Designer courses explore the Principal Designer role in an interactive and engaging format, designed and led by architect Paul Bussey, author of CDM 2015: A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers, and civil engineer Tony Putsman from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

RIBA’s accredited Principal Designer courses define and provide adequate “skills, knowledge, experience” to a professionally agreed standard. To show awareness and capability to deliver this role there is an industry expectation for professionals to demonstrate attendance and knowledge attained. Following completion, an attendance certificate will be issued showing that you attended the RIBA-accredited course. Delegates attending one and two day courses will also be given the opportunity to participate in an online exam, after which successful delegates will be issued an exam result certificate. Alongside your attendance certificate, this could be useful should a client, stakeholder or external body require evidence that you have the industry standard skills, knowledge and understanding of the principal designer role. 

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RIBA Half-day Principal Designer Course
The 3-hour course is delivered over an afternoon, including a workshop session exploring case studies provided by course leaders, as well as some of your own ongoing projects. 

Dates and locations in 2017: 
Half-day Principal Designer Cousre - Manchester 

For more information on this course content, programme and schedule in 2017, see course flyer.

RIBA One-day Principal Designer Course
The interactive 6-hour course is divided into two sessions. The morning session focuses more on practicalities of CDM Regulation, whilst the afternoon session explores case studies provided by course leaders, and some of your own ongoing projects.  For more information on this course content, programme and schedule in 2017, see course flyer.

RIBA Two-day Principal Designer Course
The 12-hour course is delivered over two days with a week-long gap in between, allowing you time to reflect and revise, carry out your own CDM analysis report and review the suggested reading. For more information on this course content, programme and schedule in 2017, see course flyer.

RIBA in-practice Principal Designer Course
The RIBA Principal Designer In-practice courses provide your practice with half, one and two day courses, delivered in the comfort of your work place.

During the half-day course, you will be given the opportunity to go through the CDM practicalities, and discuss one of your ongoing projects, briefly. Considering the course is 3 hours in length, you are encouraged to read and prepare on the subject ahead of the seminar.  

The one-day course will also cover the CDM practicalities followed by a practical workshop session. However, the course is 6 hour in length, and accordingly, larger proportion of the course is dedicated to working through your ongoing projects, and your current CDM procedures.  

The two-day in-practice course is for practices requiring follow-up after care sessions. The first day is similar in content to that of the one-day in-practice course. However, the second day is following a month-long gap (or longer if preferred), where your ongoing procedures since day one is examined and developed further.

For more information on in-practice courses, including the content and programme of each course, see flyer.

For more information on any of the above offers, email RIBA CPD Manager, Mona Devereau or call 0151 703 0107.

*Limited time offer: Offer starts on Tuesday 21 March, and ends on  30 April 2017.