Research and Innovation Group

For further information see our information and documents on the relationship between practising architects and research.


To provide research and innovation knowledge and capability within the RIBA and to provide research advocacy within and outside the RIBA:

  • To enhance and promote links between practitioners, the academic research community and funders in architecture and the built environment. 

  • To promote and connect architectural research to other professions in the built environment and to wider groups in society.

  • To enhance international research links to ensure that the RIBA, architectural profession and architectural academia are matching or exceeding global research standards.

  • To develop, support and promote a range of strategic research projects within the RIBA (having a lead role in setting the agenda for built environment research), the architectural profession and architectural academia.

  • To raise awareness among practitioners of the benefits, both intellectual and economic, of highlighting the research work that they undertake through, or in addition to, their projects.

Chair: Prof Flora Samuel, Professor of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Reading

RIBA contact: Neal Shasore

Simon Bradbury (Plymouth University)
Clare Eriksson (RICS)
Sophie Handler (Manchester City Council, University of Manchester)
Alan Jones (RIBA Vice President Education, Queen's University Belfast)
Peter Oborn (RIBA Vice President International)
Neil Paterson (BRE Trust)
Paola Sassi (Oxford Brookes University)
Jennifer Whyte (Imperial College London)