Professional standards

Architecture for Social Purpose forms a key strand of the RIBA’s latest five year strategy. We aim to place social purpose, professional standards and ethics at the heart of action and debate about architecture and the profession.

This work supports a key pillar of our 1834 Charter which outlines the role of the RIBA as ” the general advancement of Civil Architecture…… as tending greatly to promote the domestic convenience of citizens, and the public improvement and embellishment of towns and cities”.

As part of this commitment the RIBA operates a Code of Conduct which aims to maintain the highest professional standards amongst our members. This is supported by a variety of RIBA professional activities and resources.


In order for RIBA Members to maintain their respected status, the professional standards team undertake a variety of activities:

  • Advise on professional conduct and maintain the RIBA code of professional conduct and disciplinary procedures.

  • Advise on changes to Consumer Regulations.

  • Provide an alternate dispute resolution nomination service including adjudication, arbitration, and mediation. 
  • Develop standard forms of building contract, through our work with the JCT and the CIC and produce the RIBA plan of work and RIBA standard forms of appointment.

  • Liaise with the Architects Registration Board

  • Manage the RIBA Business Benchmarking Service, a unique, survey-based business benchmarking tool for architectural practices. Completion of the survey is now one of the required accreditation critera for Chartered Practices with two or more staff. 

  • Accredit and promote RIBA Client Advisers and RIBA Conservation Architects.

  • Advise on architects' professional indemnity and liabilities, and provide access to PI insurance cover through the RIBA Insurance Agency, which has provided professional indemnity policies for RIBA Members since 1987. The Agency is part of the Heath Lambert Group, one of the UK's leading professional indemnity brokers. The RIBA Insurance Agency is the only insurance broker endorsed by the RIBA to provide professional indemnity insurance to its members.

  • Develop RIBA Good Practice Guides

  • Respond to government consultations.

  • Develop the criteria and provide support services for the RIBA Chartered Practice scheme.

  • Provide guidance on best procurement methods for a project.