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At the beginning of his presidency Past President Stephen Hodder MBE set up the Client Liaison Group, chaired by Nigel Ostime, to understand clients’ perceptions of architects and the value they bring to the project team.

Special report 'Client & Architect - developing the essential relationship'

Immediate Past President Stephen Hodder MBE


“Over the last two years, we have engaged with some 500 clients to develop architectural knowledge by listening and learning from clients. The objective has been to provide architects with researched insights into the changing needs of major categories of clients so that we can shape our services to better support their outcomes. It is unrealistic to expect that all architects get it right all the time, but we have every reason to be optimistic about the future in a rapidly changing world. I hope this special report, and the ongoing work which will flow from it, will help architects unlock new opportunities.”

Download a copy of the report free of charge 


In an ongoing initiative, evidence is being gathered through roundtable discussions and interviews. Clients from different sectors and regions are asked questions such as:

  • How do you view architects and architecture?
  • Where can architects add greatest value?
  • Where does responsibility for design quality sit?
  • What roles do you see your architects performing?
  • How will current forms of procurement develop in the future?
  • Do architects’ fees reflect value?

So far we have covered contractor-led procurement, housingretrofit, local authorities, schools, workplace, commercial developers, healthcare and heritage sectors with more to follow under Jane Duncan's presidency. 

Findings will continue to be communicated to members through this website (see below) and a series of articles in the RIBA Journal.

Ultimately, the aim is to identify the tools that architects need to improve their service to clients.

Tell us what you think at clientservices@riba.org or discuss on LinkedIn or Twitter. Your feedback is our success.



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