Working with architects survey

The client survey asked clients of architects what they think of their architect and the services they provided. The findings from this survey will give valuable insights into the profession, resulting in better buildings for clients and society in general.


The Working with Architects
survey is now closed.


Results from the survey will be announced at Grand Designs Live and UK Construction week in Birmingham and at MIPIM UK on 19 October 2016. 


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 The RIBA Chartered Practice in the image is Hoos Studio 

Key dates 

Launch of Client Survey: 5 May 2016

Close of Client Survey: 29 July 2016

Prize draw results announced: 12 August 2016

Findings announced: 19 October 2016

Report published: November 2016

Further background 

This survey marks a new phase in the work of the RIBA Client Liaison Group, universally praised for seeking feedback from clients.

It not only investigates client attitudes but will inform future RIBA policy and demonstrate the value of architects. It will also be used to benchmark architects’ performance over time.

The need for it arose from the Client Liaison Group’s report, ‘Client & Architect: Developing the Essential Relationship’, which summarised findings from a series of roundtable discussions with clients in different sectors from all over the UK.

The report and summary write-ups from the roundtable meetings are available free from the RIBA for Clients pages.

Working with architects survey - Top Four Results