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European National Winners - Top Four Results

Building Baakenhafen Bridge

Baakenhafen Bridge

This new bridge in Baakenhafen has been built as part of Hamburg's HafenCity development which covers 157 hectares of disused docklands close to the city centre.

Building Blue Planet

Blue Planet

The Blue Planet, Den BlÄ Planet, the Danish National Aquarium, is located on a liminal site on the edge of the harbour just next to Copenhagen International Airport.

European National Winners - Other Results


Library and Learning Centre

Library & Learning Centre, WU (WirtschaftsuniversitÀt Wien) Vienna University of Economics and Business


Musiktheater, Linz

This project is an excellent - if rare - example of how an architect can win an open international competition by coming up with a bold brilliant idea…


RIBA Awards 2014

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