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South winners 2014 - Top Four Results

Building Harding Communication Centre, Pangbourne College

Harding Communication Centre, Pangbourne College

The Communications Centre at Pangbourne College brings together the faculties of Music and ICT into one new building. The client was looking for a high quality, forward thinking modern building at the very front of their campus. The project delivers a bespoke and technical response to the sometimes …

Building John Henry Brookes Building

John Henry Brookes Building

At the core of the concept is the ambition to bring cohesion to a disparate campus; integrating existing buildings with new central student facilities. These links provide fluid movement across the new campus for the first time, where academic spaces co-exist with social areas for the enjoyment of …

Building Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Andrew Wiles Building

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Andrew Wiles Building

The mathematics department was split over a variety of locations across Oxford, housed in buildings that had become crowded and offered little or no opportunity for expansion. The decision was made to create a new mathematical institute with the aim of unifying the maths community and providing an o…

Building New Music School at Stowe School

New Music School at Stowe School

The new music school at Stowe School was designed to consolidate music teaching and music practice into a single building. The building is to serve 130 staff and pupils and an audience of 200 people in the auditorium. The facilities are arranged in a tripartite form whose layout resonates with histo…

South winners 2014 - Other Results


Oxford Martin School, Oxford University

Refurbishment of the Grade II Listed, Old Indian Institute, convert-ing it into a research environment, workplace and social space for the Oxford Mart…


Private House in Oxfordshire

The Stonehaven project fulfilled the clients brief for a precise, sleek building to reflect his background in precision engineering and cutting edge des…


Radley College Clocktower Square

Radley College is situated between Kennington and Abingdon on the eastern edge of Radley Village and commands views across South-West Oxfordshire. Th…


Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg

Design a temporary live/work structure with-in the New Forest which will accommodate the artist, Stephen Turner, in residence for a period of one year…


The Kench, Hampshire

A beach house principally for summer time use with an open plan living area and integral kitchen orientated towards the views and 2 bedrooms at the re…


The Mary Rose Museum

The design of the Mary Rose Museum combines delicate conservation, contemporary architecture and specialist technical expertise to create a truly uniq…


The McCall MacBain Graduate Study Centre

The project comprises the refurbishment, adaptation and extension of Gillespie Kidd & Coia's seminal Blackwells Music Shop into a graduate centre. The…