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Yorkshire Winners 2014

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Yorkshire Winners 2014 - Top Four Results

Building ManorWorks


Manor Works is a community enterprise centre that incorporates offices, workshops, flexible co-working space and meeting/conferencing rooms, to provide access into entrepreneurship for the residents of the Manor Estate, and the wider Sheffield region.

Building Seizure Gallery

Seizure Gallery

Though through its journey from inception to completion the architects have had to consider (amongst other things), construction logistics, art conservation, security, historic landscape, contemporary art, cultural memory, visitor experience, interpretation, sustainability and tectonic rigour and fi…

Building Doncaster Civic Office

Doncaster Civic Office

This is an excellent example of a local authority looking to rationalise their estate to create economic efficiencies by finding opportunities to consolidate out-dated their building stock – here decanting staff from eight buildings into one.

Building Entrance Building, Franklin College

Entrance Building, Franklin College

Seen as a vitally important component within a long - term development framework, this modestly scaled building creates a big impact where it is needed most.

Yorkshire Winners 2014 - Other Results


Scale Lane Bridge

As the winner of an international design competition, this bridge delivers so much more than just a river crossing. As an innovative slice of infrastr…


Wakefield One

Against the backdrop of recent austerity measures and frugal bean-counting, it is refreshing to witness local councils stepping back and looking strat…


Underbank House

This new building sits on the threshold between nature and artifice between landscape and building, between the intimacy of domestic life and the gene…


Oakfield School

Oakfield School is a new build Special Educational Needs (SEN) School in Hull. The school provides for the specialist requirements of around 90 boys a…