Chalk Ridge, Surrey






Architect: SCd architects
Client: private
Awards won: regional


The Brief & Procurement  – The clients sought a new 5 bedroom house in a pastoral outlying area of Guildford, which would be unostentatious to the roadside but open to enjoy the superb landscape beyond.  The procurement was a conventional contract.

The Solution  -  The building presents a single storey to the road side and due to the natural slope is two storeys high on the garden side. The double height living level is at entrance level with a secretly accessed  mezzanine space above. The entrance hall and stair to below separates the seating area from the kitchen / dining. Below at garden level are the bedrooms with adults on one side of the stair and children the other.  All the spaces are conceived to enjoy the marvellous panoramic landscape

Critique  –  The accommodation strategy is simple and works well.  The form of the living area is gently curved and together with the pitched roof and curving ridge line this creates an interesting volume internally. The entry hall remains orthogonal with a flat roof to emphasize the wings either side. The bedroom level employs straight external stone walls with angled bay window projections to each room. The resulting composition works well on the garden elevation with subtle readings of the splayed bays against the straight stone wall and the curved ridge line beyond. Given the skill taken in developing the garden elevation it must be remarked that the entrance elevation is not particularly successful – it appears rather perfunctory and the use of a baked wood which cannot decay in any way suggests it may not necessarily age gracefully.

Judgement  - There are many commendable aspects to this design. The detailing was very good indeed and the building felt crafted. The choice to break the curvature of the plan in the entrance area appears has paid off well – it is a shame though that the the pool did not observe this alignment - an integration of the house and pool would have elevated the site layout. 


cost CONSULTANT:  consol associates

COST: private

PHOTOGRAPHER: scd architects