Wedge House, Surrey






Architect: Soup architects
Client: private
Awards won: regional


The Brief & Procurement  –  The clients sought a new 4 bedroom house set at the rear of their parent’s long garden within a suburb of Thames Ditton. The procurement was a conventional contract.

The Solution  -  The building is primarily triangular in plan form and its edges are informed by immediate site boundaries and respecting a sight line formed by trees along the flank of the parents house.  The kitchen and utility galley are arranged in an orthogonal strip parallel to the site boundary.  The living area lines the garden façade. The entrance is set beneath a cantilevered first floor bedroom and accesses a triangular entrance hall   - the residual space between the living element and the galley utility area. This triangular hall enjoys a triangular rooflight and a straight flight of stairs leading to the first floor. The bedrooms are arrayed around the first floor.

Critique  –  The site strategy and subsequent geometry has created a clear concept ingeniously informing the formal development. The triangular hall economically and dynamically unifies the house. Sliding solid and glazed panels cleverly link or close spaces. There is a delightful and witty low level window in the cinema room.  Sliding glazed doors pass into the structure of the external wall to leave a large aperture with a theatrical billowing net curtain. The detailing throughout is intelligently minimal and reinforces the elegance of the strategy. Exterior finishes of western red cedar and dark grey render soften the whole presence

Judgement  – A very original house where the geometric concept is delivered with softness and restraint. The architect has delivered an extremely cost effective yet joyous modern house. Wonderful.

CONTRACTOR:  young construction

COST: £857,000

PHOTOGRAPHER: andy matthews