Future Leaders 2014: Session 1



March 10 2014 • 1.00pm
to 5.00pm



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The first session of this year's Future Leaders Programme on 10 March will cover the following:

Government Construction Strategy

Hayley Miller, Head of Construction at the Cabinet Office will cover the overall vision, objectives and targets, and how government see the architectural profession helping to deliver them. Delegates will be encouraged to think about how their role as architects will need to change, and will develop the skills they will need to address future challenges.


Four presentations from different angles will consider how BIM will change the construction industry, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dale Sinclair.

The focus will be on BIM as a process and not as a technical tool. Each presentation will consider how BIM will change:

  • the design and development process
  • architectural practice
  • the construction industry as a whole

RIBA Plan of Work 2013

Recent advances in computerisation are fundamentally altering how buildings are designed, constructed and operated. In 20 years' time, or sooner, the process will be unrecognisable. While BIM is influencing the way that architects design, big data will have a more significant impact. This explains how the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 has been developed to meet the challenges of these changes.

Data Management

This part of the afternoon will consider how data and digital technologies can be used to improve project outcomes, and deliver efficiency, sustainability, whole life value and quality in the built environment.

What does it mean for the future of practice, and the way we design and plan our built environment?

What culture change is needed to harness the potential of data and digital technologies?

How will we collect, standardise and apply data on the built environment to realise a smart future?


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