We are the Citymakers


June 28 2014 • 10.00am
June 29 2014 • 4.00pm



Greenhead Park, Bowling Pavillion, Huddersfield, Huddersfield





Join us for a family fun day where we encourage you to use your imagination to build Britain’sCities. Over a two day period we will run a hands-on educational workshop designed to inspire the idea that the urban environment in which we live is designed and built by people who imagine, make decisions and take action. Members of the public are invited use their imagination to build models of buildings, bridges and towers out of the art materials provided. The art material to be provided will mainly consist of cardboard and sellotape. The craft activity will take place on the existing tables and will not involve any sharp implements. On the floor will be a giant printed map of the UK showing its urban areas. Participants decide where to put their buildings on the map to expand existing cities or create new ones. Over the course of the event a time-lapse photography will be recorded to show the growth of the urban realm.

For further details visit www.citymakers.eventbrite.co.uk