Masterclass: Floating Houses and Flood Resistant Homes

Does your current practice reflect changes in the weather? We can’t stop it raining but we can build to reduce the damage caused by flooding.


November 25 2014 • 9.15am
to 3.45pm


Delyth Turner-Harriss 01223 566285


Ridgeon's Green Light Centre, Solopark, Station Road, Nr Pampisford CB22 3HB, Cambridge


£72.00 (£60.00 + VAT)

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£72.00 (£60.00 + VAT)

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A study day bringing together leading experts in the field to give you an opportunity to see a wide variety of responses to this change, prototype homes and the latest waterproof technology. You will have the opportunity to contribute your own views and recommendations.

Speakers include the international award-winning practice BACA, recognised around the world for its innovations in flood-resilient architecture.  We will look at flood management, the part played by ecology and open space, and whether flood plain development should be allowed, as well as the European perspective on this subject. 


  • Craig Elliott, Environmental Agency:  Flood management in England
  • Ben Mitchell, Partner, Peter Brett Associates: Floodplain development - to be allowed or not to be allowed?
  • Richard Coutts, BACA:  The future house BACA
  • Eoghan Sheils, Sheils Flynn Landscape Architects: Blue and green infrastructure – linking water management, ecology and open space around buildings

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