Asbestos and other nasty surprises



October 2 2014 • 2.00pm
to 4.30pm


Asbestos and other nasty surprises 0117 972 3777


Carpenter House, Broad Quay, Bath BA1 1UD, Bath





Even the best designed project can come ‘unstuck’ by the discovery of asbestos, damp rot or other nasty surprises. In this seminar, learn how to avoid disruption to your project and stay safe – plus how to minimise expensive liabilities should it all go wrong.

This session will help you to understand:

  • Planning your project: how risk assessment can ensure you do not miss a ‘nasty surprise’ from the start or even mid project
  • Designing around the problem: what to do if you suspect a problem, how and when to seek external advice and how to record this, the effect of external advice on liability and consideration of possible design solutions
  • Managing liability: is the nasty surprise my fault, am I liable under the contractual arrangements, what is the difference between civil and criminal liability, what can I do to protect myself and minimise costs?
  • Involving the Regulator: when should surprises be reported, to whom and how, what is likely to happen next and will it hold up the project?

The session will include a case study which will take account of recent case law, for example R v. Oxford Architects and Wells v. Rigby.

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