RIBA Wessex Annual Open Meeting: Ralph Allen School, Bath

A Talk 'n' Tour of the Lee Building and Modern Languages block by Feilden Fowles. 


October 16 2014 • 5.30pm
to 8.00pm


Michelle Taylor 0117 972 3777 michelle.taylor@riba.org


Claverton Down Road, Bath BA2 7AY

Join colleagues and friends for the RIBA Wessex Annual Open Meeting 2014 at Bath with a triple bill programme and drinks and nibbles at Ralph Allen School, Bath. This event celebrates progress made by the regional members and branches with a summary from RIBA Wesex chair Giles Vallis.

Talk ‘n’ Tour: The Lee Building at Ralph Allen School won an RIBA National Award and an RIBA South West Award in 2014 for Feilden Fowles. Fergus Feilden will lead a talk n tour of the Lee Building and the recently completed Modern Languages Building at Ralph Allen School.

Election 2015: RIBA Policy & Public Afairs Manager Andrew Forth will host an interactive session on how RIBA members in the South West can be part of the 2015 General Election campaign, including presenting the RIBA Building a Better Britain report that underlies the campaign. The RIBA can seek to influence prospective candidates and existing MPs, and this session will help you to be part of that essential political process.

This event is a must-attend event for RIBA members and colleagues looking to hear about progress, want to input to future progress, or simply want to enjoy a relaxing evening at Bath's newest award-winning architecture.

  • 5.30pm: Arrival drinks and nibbles
  • 6pm: RIBA Wessex Annual Open Meeting
  • 6.20pm: Election 2015, with Anna Scott-Marshall, RIBA Head of External Affairs (or a colleague)
  • 7pm: Talk 'n' tour of the Lee Building and Modern Languages Building, with Fergus Feilden
  • 8pm: Close